Staging a Master Bathroom

Staging a Master Bedroom is easy.  There are tons of tips on the web that can make it easy for you.  What about the Master Bath?  I'll show you some tricks that I did to make my bathroom more appealing to a buyer.

Let's start with my Master Bedroom

Here's the before:

And the After:

Not much changed.  We removed the couch and a few pictures, but it was such a simple fix, we had this room staged in a matter of moments.

It still appears nice and open and ready for the next owner!

 What about the Master Bath?  Did you know that all your stuff is on display? We have all heard about clearing the countertops, but what about the insides of drawers??

Potential buyers will be opening cabinets, medicine chests, and under sink storage and drawers to see if it's roomy enough for them.

Be prepared for a lot of this!!! By sorting through the items that you need and don't use, you can open up your cabinets to appear bigger without much effort other than the momentary mess!

*TIP* When putting your home on the market, please, please lock up your medicines, especially if you plan on having an open house.  The latest crime wave is to raid the cabinets for prescription meds, so put them away! 

Here's my medicine cabinet before:

And after:

Less cluttered, and I still have everything I need.  

My makeup drawer Before:

Yikes!! How could I find anything in that mess?!

And the After:

Much neater and things are more concealed.

Underneath my sink Before:

Messy, messy, messy!

And the After:

And in the process of cleaning out, I found a huge loot of cash that I had hidden years ago!  So long, I had forgotten all about it!

The truth of the matter is, you are on display and will need to make every detail of your home appealing to the next owner.  And Ladies, I have not missed all of those toiletries like I thought I would.  I kept a few of my favorite nail polishes and makeup and put the rest with our storage.

 So a brief moment of this:

Can make a huge difference in your bottom line!


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