Cabinet Door Into Painted Name Sign

I first stumbled upon this whole blog world back in October and was so inspired - my creative juices were a-flowin'!  I kept finding these signs people made and I wanted to do one of my own sooooo bad, but didn't know where to start.  I loved this salvaged cabinet door turned serving tray from Crafty Nest, and Room to Inspire's family name sign was so divine!!  I thought 320 Sycamore's Cabinet Makeover was just delish, so I thought I'd try my (shaky) hand at one.

I found this cabinet door at a garage sale for 50 cents.  I spray painted the edges black and painted over it with a creamy white and scraped away the paint so that the black peeked thru.

I went to the computer and found some pretty fonts and printed out what I wanted to display.

I flipped the page over and used a charcoal rub on the back.

After positioning the pages, I used a retractable pencil without the lead showing and traced the outside of each letter.

The charcoal showed up on the cabinet door as a template for me to fill in.

I used a craft pen to trace the outside edge.  *** First, test it on the back to make sure it doesn't bleed!!***  

My intentions were to only trace with the marker and fill in with paint, but once I realized I couldn't find a good paintbrush, I just filled it all in with the marker.  

It took me an afternoon to finish the hand stenciling - not too shabby!!!  Here's the finished product:

UPDATE:  I realize that this is grammatically incorrect.  There should not be an apostrophe.  Unfortunately, it took me over a year to figure it out!

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