How I Save $600 a Year on Pizza

One of our all time favorite meals is Pizza - hands down.  Who doesn't love pizza? Did you know that 94% of Americans eat pizza regularly.  In fact a recent study shows that a family spends about $17 each week on pizza alone!  That's over $875 a year on pizza!

In stretching our grocery budget, we had to cut back on our favorite pizzeria.  We were on a mission!  How could we make a pizza at home that was quick, easy and MORE delicious than our favorite delivery?

Here how we did it and we're now saving over $600  a year!


Crouton Egg Scramble

Tired of your typical eggs?  Looking for a new, easy egg recipe?

Do you remember those "Choose your adventure books" we read as kids?  
Here's a way you can "Choose your own" style eggs.  

Scrapbook Paper Photo Mat

While renovating our house, our budget is really tight.  We don't have the financial wiggle room to create a "decorating fund." Here is a tip to create the look you want without having to foot the expense of rematting frames.



Jingle Bells Knit Cozy

I found the cutest metal jingle buttons with snowflakes on them last year.

I thought they would look cute with a winter blue base and white knit flower.

I paired with with a matching cozy, except with a sparkly blue button. 


Decorating with Heirlooms: Vintage Scale

I love finding old, rusty items and adding them to our fresh new decor. When they come from my family's past, it makes it even better!

Any vintage heirlooms that are passed on to us holds a special place in my heart.  Not only are they beautiful pieces I display, but they also hold a sentimental spot in my heart.  Every time I look at an heirloom, I cherish the memory of where it came from and it's significance in my home. 

Rummaging through my in-laws attic, my husband came across this beauty.

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